Drill Multi Spindle Machine
Used Drill Multi Spindle
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Drill Multi Spindle Machine in ahmedabad Drill Multi Spindle Machine
Drill Multi Spindle Machine Bandsaw Machine
Used Drill Multi Spindle Machine Boring Table
Drill Multi Spindle Broach Sharpner
Drill Multi Spindle Double Head Tapper
Drill Multi Spindle Drill Multi Spindle
Drill Multi Spindle

Technical Specification:

Drilling Capacity Mild Steel-18 Spindles: 10mm
Drilling Capacity Mild Steel-10 Spindles: 16mm
Drilling Capacity Mild Steel-5 Spindles: 22mm
Drilling Capacity Cast Iron-18 Spindles: 13mm
Drilling Capacity Cast Iron-10 spindles: 20mm
Drilling Capacity Cast Iron-5 Spindles: 24mm
Tapping Capacty Mild Steel-18 Spindles: 10mm - 24 N.F.
Tapping Capacity Mild Steel-12 Spindles: 14mm - 18 N.F.
Tapping Capacity Mild Steel-6 Spindles: 25mm - 14 N.F.
Tapping Capacity Cast Iron-18 Spindles:13mm - 13 N.F.
Tapping Capacity Cast Iron-10 Spindles: 10mm - 11 N.F.
Tapping Capacity Cast Iron-7 Spindles: 22mm - 9 N.F.
Feed Stroke of table:152mm
Max. Distance, head flange to table:1016mm (with 300mm Riser)

Max. Distance, head flange to table:660mm (with 300mm Riser)
Opening of Head:368mm FB X 578mm LR
Center of Head to face of ways on column: 304mm
Number of Spindle Drives: 18
Working surface of table: 502mm FB X 750mm LR
Standard feeding stroke: 152mm
Max. feeding pressure: 9000 lbs
Feed range: 0 to 90 IPM
Rapid traverse rate: 120 IPM
12 spindle speeds: 174 to 1562 RPM